Here is Ground Hug Power Point Presentation Request.

Looking to buy the latest in fall protection systems? Look no further than our newest product, the “Ground Hug”!

This new state-of-the-art roof top safety guardrail system can be installed on metal, conventionally constructed buildings, landings, and roofs with or without an overhang. In fact, the Ground Hug is effective on virtually any type of structure.

The Guardrail post is quickly installed within minutes and with a reversible ground bracket that can be driven into terra firma, or mounted to wall, deck or slab. The system is also adaptable for different size overhangs with virtually no damage to the structure. We also offer an extending wall mount bracket for extra safety on taller structures. Let us customize your Hugs system to your needs!


The Ground HUG is perfect for new construction, re-roofing, solar panels, over-the-roof tree trimming and any other type of rooftop projects. This product is also re-usable, which means your investment will continue to save lives, time, and money for years to come. Remember, with each use of your HUG system, your initial investment diminishes. HUGS will provide your work force with a sense of comfort which will dramatically increase production. To get started, contact with your questions or orders today.

Here is Ground Hug Power Point Presentation Request.

HUGS  is Safety by Design, but what does that mean?

Safety by Design (Aka Designing for Construction Safety) is the process of considering construction site safety and health in the design of a project and designing for safety constructability.

The following fall protection system utilizes a custom safety guardrail that was designed for this project in particular. It features 60 inch brackets as part of the system in lieu of the 42 inch standard used in the industry and features a detachable post, therefore allowing us to make different “feet” for various applications.

The benefits of incorporating Safety by Design are:

  • Reduced site hazards with fewer injuries and fatalities
  • Reduced workers compensation premiums
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer delays due to accidents during construction allow continued focus on quality
  • Encourages designer-constructor collaboration

Anchorage points and pre-fabricated trusses are excellent examples of Safety by Design in construction projects. By installing our first of its kind perimeter protection HUGS rooftop guardrail system on pre-fabricated trusses, one can engineer falls out of the equation which significantly decreases the risk of worker injury or death on the job.


We offer our customers and affiliates customized fall protection systems, anchor point systems, rooftop perimeter protection, and fall prevention guardrails to accommodate your  needs. Send us an email with information and specifics regarding your project and we will gladly reply with either a solution or recommendation to your needs. We will work with you directly to ensure satisfaction and that the customized product is the perfect fit for the type of project.

According to NIOSH: “Addressing occupational safety and health needs in the design process to prevent or minimize the work-related hazards and risks associated with the construction, manufacture, use, maintenance, and disposal of facilities, materials, and equipment.”

NIOSH is leading a national initiative called Prevention through Design (PtD) to promote this concept and highlight its importance in all business decisions.

Prevention through Design can be defined as the addressing of occupational safety and health needs in the design process to prevent or minimize the work-related hazards and risks associated with the construction, manufacture, use, maintenance, and disposal of facilities, materials, and equipment. One of the best ways to prevent and control occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities is to “design out” or minimize hazards and risks early in the design process.


Designing for Safety is a principle for design planning for new facilities, equipment, and operations (public and private) to conserve human and natural resources, and thereby protect people, property and the environment. Designing for Safety advocates systematic process to ensure state-of-the-art engineering and management principles are used and incorporated into the design of facilities and overall operations to assure safety and health of workers, as well as protection of the environment and compliance with current codes and standards.


*Fall Protection Ranks # 1 on OSHA’s Top 10 Violations of 2011!!! Save Lives and Avoid Costly Fines with Our OSHA Compliant Residential Roof Safety Guardrail System*

Watch the New OSHA Video: Fatal Fall Prevention in Residential Construction

This OSHA PowerPoint Presentation can help you with your fall protection plan!

*See Our HUGS Guardrail System in Action*
(slides 28, 29, 63, 64)

The OSHA residential fall protection presentation can also be downloaded along with other information from:


Fall Protection ranks #1 on OSHA’s list of top 10 violations for 2011. Our first of its kind perimeter protection system (the OSHA compliant HUGS roof guardrail system), anchor point systems, and customized fall prevention safety solutions can help you comply with OSHA’s safety standards and the residential construction directive. This guarantees that your workers can safely complete their tasks and return to their families at the end of the day.

Our Horizontal Under-eave Guardrail System is a

  • one of a kind
  • simple
  • easy to use
  • proven

fall prevention safety solution because it provides workers with complete 360 degree roof top protection while requiring no active participation on their behalf after the installation process.

With only 30 minutes of safety training, your crews will have all the expertise they need to easily install and use this OSHA compliant, life-saving guardrail perimeter protection system.

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