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Workers Can Safely Return Home At The End Of The Day

HUGSafety is a Hispanic American, veteran-owned small business with more than 30 years experience in the construction and roofing industries. We have produced quality Horizontal Under-eave Guardrail Systems (HUGS) and other fall protection/prevention safety hardware for the construction and roofing industries since 2005. 

Protecting construction workers who build the American dream is our business. Through personal experience and over three decades of involvement in the construction industry, we realized that construction professionals wanted and needed an improved, OSHA-compliant safety guardrail system to protect themselves from falls. Guardrail systems provide maximum worker safety and are preferred by many over safety nets and harnesses. The Horizontal Under-eave Guardrail System (HUGS) is American ingenuity at work; A state-of-the-art truss mounted roof top safety guardrail system. HUGS are re-usable, which means your investment continues to save lives and money one job after another. This system does not interfere with roofing, wall finishing, window, siding or other installations, is compliant with fall protection standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and provides workers with the confidence to safely perform their various above-ground tasks without compromise. HUGS also provides a secure method for preventing falls from ladders, another leading cause of workplace injuries in construction. 

We continuously research and develop our products to produce new and improved safety solutions to improve fall prevention and protect the construction worker. In addition, HUGSafety has collaborated with NIOSH to develop safety railing and slide guard products for commercial use. Fall protection and construction safety is everyone’s responsibility. Statistics show increases in worker productivity and overall profitability when a comprehensive safety program including fall prevention measures, are in place. Likewise, safety programs and the use of safety equipment, including a guardrail system, reduce accidents, reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and lowers insurance premiums. Our products are proudly made in the USA and designed to meet and exceed OSHA standards, providing one of the lowest cost, 360 degree perimeter fall protection/prevention safety systems in the industry. We firmly stand behind our product 100% and work hard to develop, manufacture and sell quality fall prevention safety products, provide on-time delivery and on-site training at competitive prices. HUGSafety customers include government, commercial and residential builders and general contractors, as well as building and roofing suppliers, safety companies, and distributors throughout the United States.

HUGS Keep Volunteer Workers Safe During Re-Roofing Process

Our Mission

•    To supply cost effective quality safety equipment to the workers who risk life and limb on the job site.
•    To save lives through research and development of new and better safety equipment.
•    To ensure quality safety products that have been thoroughly tested to meet or exceed OSHA standards.
•    To help the construction professional maintain a cost effective safety program.

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