We have been using the HUGS system for over two years now and believe it is great. I couldn’t imagine putting volunteers on a roof without it.

Keith Davin ED
Greene County HFH, PA


We have used the HUGS for about 3 years at my Habitat Affiliate -I think our original cost was near $2000.  They have been used about 15 times, so we are approaching $100 per house.  Cheap.  No work on a roof with out the HUGS system installed. Period. No exceptions for new construction.

Allow about 3 hours with a 3 person team to install the system.  We have dedicated boards for the safety rails that are reused. We usually have a “dry run” on the ground attaching a HUG to a scrap 2×4 to be sure everyone involved knows the steps. The small metal top brackets are consumable items, about $6 each.

You save many times the 3 hours during installation of drip edge, starter strip, and first 3-4 rows of shingles.  We previously did this from ladders.  Up the ladder, nail, down the ladder, move, repeat a bunch of times. All of this is now installed with HUGS in place.  It is wonderful to have a place to put your foot or hand when nailing near the eave.  They also provide a great place to put nails, water buckets, and other items that tend to slide off of the roof.

The ladder access is great.  It is easy to grip when entering or leaving the ladder from the roof and the ladder cannot slide to the side.

You will hear the usual excuses.  We never fall off of the roof.  They take too long.  They interfere with other jobs.  No one else uses them.  They are too expensive.

Our brand new HUGS were in the tool trailer when an experienced crew started sheathing with out them.  A highly experienced worker stepped on a loose piece of plywood and flew off of the roof.  Fortunately there was no permanent damage.  You do not want to be on site for this type of event.  We were lucky.  All of the above arguments stopped.

Dave Hall, House Leader, Harford Habitat for Humanity


“We have been truly blessed with your product and have made the use of HUGS a standard on all of our job sites. I thought you’d also like to know that Habitat International advises AGAINST roofing 2 story buildings with volunteers. During a safety audit, we were able to convince Habitat’s insurance company that using your HUGS as fall protection, we are safe to allow volunteers to roof 2 story buildings. This allows us to implement more volunteers into our process and to keep the labor costs of our houses to a minimum. I thought you’d like to know – thanks!

You might also like to know that we have been recommending your product to other Habitat affiliates inquiring about roof fall protection. You have a smart system that is user friendly.”

Thanks for your time and God bless,

Brian Sanders, Construction Director, Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte, NC


I am the foreman for a small painting company. I supervise a crew that is made up of mostly long time friends and even some family. Recently while painting the dormers on a 2 story house, my sister slipped and fell. It scares me to think what could have happened if there had not been a guardrail in place. It scares me even more to think what my mom would have done to me if I had let her daughter get hurt. Fall protection is not something that immediately comes to mind when you think “painter”. I sure am glad the people at HUGS thought we needed protection. Thank you again.

Ray Spell, RMS Painting

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